Lucifer's Eye

Lucifer's Eye

Hugh B. Cave

Language: English

Pages: 195

ISBN: B005O53UF8

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Evil stirs in the heart of paradise.

To plantation caretaker Peter Sheldon, St. Alban is a lush Caribbean jewel...but suddenly, all is not what it seems.

A crime wave is sweeping the villages . . . and a mysterious green fog is terrifying natives on the mountain paths. A group of children has vanished while hiking near Black Rock Peak. The twin of one missing boy lies seething with fever in the village below-dreaming of a cold, wet hell filled with terrible green light.

Ma Jarrett, wise in the ways of old island magic, is beginning to believe the stories of a "Devil's Pit" high in the mountains—and so is Peter. His own mind has been touched by the malevolent force in the fog, with almost deadly results. Soon, both will know the truth behind the legends.

Satan is alive and well and gathering souls for his dark army. Ma Jarrett and Peter Sheldon must find a way to stop him—or his fury will sweep the world!

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Magic Lantern (Rogue Angel, Book 36)

Melting Steele (Sarah Steele, Book 3)

Wolf-Speaker (The Immortals, Book 2)

The Snow Tiger / Night of Error

The Templar Legacy (Cotton Malone, Book 1)














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