The Cross On The Drum

The Cross On The Drum

Hugh B. Cave

Language: English

Pages: 279


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A strange young man, Barry Clinton. Unlike most young missionaries, who came to the island to save souls, this one had come with a belligerent skepticism and a driving determination to battle sickness and starvation.

He had come to the Ile du Vent with a Bible and a few meager medical supplies, ready to make the little Caribbean island a better place in which to live.

The Cross on the Drum is the story of the strange friendship of Barry Clinton and Catus Laroche, high priest of vodun, the savage, ritualistic religion which no white man had ever dared defy. It tells of the tormented, embittered passions of the other islanders—white and black—and how they undermined the bond between these two men, changing their mutual respect into brooding, vengeful hatred, and turning the island's drowsy, sunlit tranquility into a feverish, drum-pounding battleground.

Hugh B. Cave, whose knowledge and deep understanding of life and customs in the West Indies distinguished his earlier works, has written here an explosive, dramatic novel of Christianity and voodoo on a Caribbean island.

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