The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters, Volume 1

The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters, Volume 1

Gordon Dahlquist

Language: English

Pages: 625

ISBN: 2:00083225

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Here begins an extraordinary alliance—and a brutal and tender, shocking, and electrifying adventure to end all adventures.

It starts with a simple note. Roger Bascombe regretfully wishes to inform Celeste Temple that their engagement is forthwith terminated. Determined to find out why, Miss Temple takes the first step in a journey that will propel her into a dizzyingly seductive, utterly shocking world beyond her imagining—and set her on a collision course with a killer and a spy—in a bodice-ripping, action-packed roller-coaster ride of suspense, betrayal, and richly fevered dreams.

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