The Sacrosancts

The Sacrosancts

Naveen Manohar

Language: English

Pages: 145

ISBN: 1502427451

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

“The Sacrosancts” is set in a time of great kingdoms, ultimate warriors and horrifying forces of evil.
The story starts with John, Eddy and a local stray dog named Kina escaping the tough days of being a mining family and head towards the town of Hamlet. The original intent of this trip was to escape the troubling visions and voices that had been tormenting Eddy. Everyone agreed that taking a break from Lister Mine would be the best thing for Eddy. Their stay in Hamlet was an exciting trip but was cut short by a crazy shop keeper. With their lives being threatened they fled by raft back home. On their way they see a statue and Eddy is being drawn to the statue to investigate it further. He doesn’t know why, but he feels like he’s been here before.
The statue holds the secret to the kingdom of Sacrosanct. Sacrosanct is a peaceful kingdom led by a strong bloodline of ultimate warriors. The current King, Hindus, is a brave and powerful king, loved by everyone. During King Hindus’ rein, and the Prince Celestial’s coming of age, a horrible evil took over the Earth.
One day an uncomfortable and mysterious stranger arrived at the palace asking to speak with the King. He said he had important information to discuss with King Hindus. King Hindus, being a generous and calm King, instructed the stranger to be led to the Great Hall. Once the stranger was in the Great Hall something unimaginable and horrifying happened. Powered by hatred and the strong desire for blood and flesh, pure evil in monster form challenged Hindus and threatened to conquer the Kingdom of Sacrosanct, along with the rest of the world. No one, not even the children, were safe from the evil.
King Hindus and the kingdom of Sacrosanct found themselves in a battle no one ever believed could exist. Or, in John and Eddy’s time, no one knew existed. With a strong line of warriors with King Hindus and Prince Celestial, and a strong united group of leaders, will the Kingdom of Sacrosanct be able to survive and conquer over evil?
Come with Eddy and John as they discover the hidden kingdom of Sacrosanct. Experience the love, magic and enduring strength that each character experiences on their journeys. Come with them to learn about the battle that never existed, Eddy’s unexplainable past and his unexpected destiny in “The Sacrosancts”.

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