To the edge of the universe: Action pact science fiction with amazing discoveries.

To the edge of the universe: Action pact science fiction with amazing discoveries.

erik morland

Language: English

Pages: 334

ISBN: 1494256819

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


A spaceship so large that it has many cities, millions of humans, alien species and other creatures, is flying trillions of years in the future faster than lightning through completely empty space. The spaceship is ruled by a corrupt crazy and flamboyant dictator, Master Maxx Miracci, who like most politicians loves to give long speeches to a submissive audience.
Kallad, a computer programmer who is expelled from a luxurious and safe part of the spaceship and forced into the army, defects from the army after refusing to shoot peaceful protesters. While he is on the run for the government he meets a beautiful woman with a disturbed past called Haila, who is also on the run for the government because she has kidnapped a baby from an important senator. Together they join a small band of outlaws, who believe that the spaceship is speeding towards a disaster and want to take control over the main computer of the spaceship, to make the spaceship change direction. To do this they have to capture a unique computer disk with the access codes for the main computer.
Will they be in time to prevent a disastrous catastrophe? What is the history of the spaceship? How does its journey look like? What has been discovered after trillions of years of travel? What does the entire universe look like? What does the history of mankind look like? Where are they? And where are they going to? This is a fast paced action pact nail biting science fiction that makes you experience an exhilarating journey through space and time, from planet Earth today to the edge of the universe trillions of years in the future. 



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